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Come On In
Not Too Far from Here
Healing Waters **
Un Lugar Celestial
This Is My Father's World
How Will They Know?
Get It to Give It
Working on Love
What Will You Remember Me For?
What Matters Most
More Like a Whisper
How Great Thou Art
When All Is Said and Done
As you listen to samples, of each song, you'll see excerpts from Sheree's Reflection Booklet. Enjoy!
** Pearl Award Nominee - Inspirational Song of the Year 2001



  1.   Grande Eres Tú (How Great Thou Art)




  2.   Reconócelo En Mí (Whisper The Spirit)




  3.   En La Palma De Tu Mano (In The Hollow of Thy Hand) Listen   Listen
  4.   El Amor Se Vive Aquí (Love is Spoken Here) Listen   Listen
  5.   Sigo A Cristo (I'll Follow Jesus) Listen   Listen
  6.   Oracion Bautismal (Baptismal Prayer) Listen   Listen

7.   La Unidad Familiar Puede Ser Eterna

      (Families Can Be Together Forever)

Listen   Listen
  8.   Lo Oí Venir (I Heard Him Come) Listen   Listen
  9.   Hasta Ver, Sed Fiel (Hold On) Listen   Listen
  10. Amad A Otros (Love One Another) Listen   Listen
  11. A Quien Servire (When Someone Cares) Listen   Listen
  12. A Sombro Me Da (I Stand All Amazed) Listen   Listen

Spanish Songs for Children
ápate la boca
A collection of songs that teach hygene


  1.  Con Un Poco De Imaginacion    
  2.  Siempre Hiervo El Agua    
  3.  Los Zapatos Haz De Llevar    
  4.  Por Favor Tapate La Boca    
  5.  Soy Un Bicho Invisable    
  6.  El Bicho Que No Ves