About Sherée 

"Sherée and the Messengers"

Contemporary Christian singer Sherée Fitzgerald and her “Messengers” band travel the country promoting themes of friendship, mutual respect, and brotherhood amid diversity. 

With her powerful vocal range fueling a heart-felt message, Sherée inspires and enthralls audiences of all ages, cultures, and religions. To quote Sherée, “It’s an age-old question, dating back to Adam and Eve.  Am I my brother’s keeper?  Absolutely.”

Sherée performs in both LDS and mainstream Christian communities.  Her What Matters Most CD, nominated for a Pearl Award, includes an eclectic mix of favorite hymns and contemporary Christian gems by artists such as Jaci Velasquez, The Martins, and Michelle Tumes.  In addition, her Sirviendo Con Gozo CD has touched the hearts of Spanish-speaking fans around the world.

Sherée is a former BYU Young Ambassador and current member and has soloed with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.  Her choir tours have taken her around the globe to Russia, Yugoslavia, India, Sri Lanka, Israel, and more. She also has a teaching degree and is an accomplished vocal coach, specializing in “speech level” singing techniques.

Sherée’s accomplishments are even more remarkable given the fact that she has faced a life-long hearing challenge and currently wears hearing aids.  “It’s humbling,” says Sherée. “I know from whence my strength comes.  And if anything good comes from what I do, HE gets the glory because I sure couldn’t do it alone.”

Sherée serves as choir director in the Cottonwood 2nd ward and is the wife of Curtis T. Hastings.

For more information, please visit www.sheree.net.