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What People Are Saying about Sherée Fitzgerald


Sherée Fitzgerald is BIG TIME talent! An accomplished performer who should be in Nashville.  She knows how to put it all together like no one I've seen in years!”


 - Jay Richards, Composer/Producer


“When I heard Sherée’s CD for the first time, I couldn’t turn it off. I listened to it over and over and over. It has become one my favorites. I recommend it to everyone.”


 - David Velasquez, Pastor, Dove Award-                  

   Winning Songwriter and Producer,

   Nashville, Tenn.


 “What Matters Most touches places deep insidean important CD. It touched me deeply.”


                                                            - Kurt Bestor, Award-Winning Composer,  

                                                              Performer, Arranger


I know very few people with a voice that needs no accompaniment…whose voice can fill a room with a texture, timbre, spirit and soul that is impossible to recreate with acoustic or electric instruments.  This is what I experience every time Sherée Fitzgerald sings. 


-  Randy Blosil, Founder Treble V  



“When you say the name Sherée you’re also saying a combination of show biz, spirituality and downright love for the music and her audience.  No wonder she’s a hit.”


 - Janie Thompson, Founder of Young   

   Ambassadors, singing partner of Tony Bennett,

   Director, composer, entertainer


Sherée is a confident performer; someone who selflessly gives not only of her talent but of her soul. When you are in her audience she lets you become her close intimate friend; you are not merely an observer, but drawn in and part of a marvelous experience.


- Margo Watson, Professional Vocalist

 T.V. Personality, Actress


I have had the privilege of knowing and working with Sheree Fitzgerald for several years. She is a wonderful singer, songwriter and performer with a Great Spirit and love for all. She makes everyone who hears her happier. Her message is inspirational and uplifting to people of all faiths. She lives the message as well as tells it, as she has overcome many obstacles including partial hearing loss to become an accomplished musician.


- Dean Kaelin

  Associate Professor Westminster College SLC,

 Utah Voice Teacher, Song Writer, Producer


My favorite song on this album is Sherée’s soaring rendition of “This Is My Father’s World.” It never fails to thrill and inspire me.”


- Virlene Norton, Author, Instructional

  Designer, Single Adult                                      


Sherée performed in our area for the Latin Americans. They loved it. They cried. They laughed. Most everyone sang along. You could tell they had listened to her songs over and over.  They mobbed Sheree afterwards, waiting an hour in line for her autograph.  It was obvious her music had made a difference in their lives.  This concert did a lot of good.


- President Maynard Olsen, Texas Houston Mission


Sherée is an incredible treasure.  She is all about beauty and love.  All of her performances and music have a power that transforms those who listen by her incredible spirit and message.  Thank you Sherée for sharing.”


- CH

Here's what listeners are saying about What Matters Most.

Heartwarming Songs
A wonderful choice of songs sung in a truly heartwarming way. The selection of songs on this CD and the beautiful way that Sherée sings them is incredible. As I listen, I can honestly say that both my heart and soul are touched in a very wonderful way. Thank you, Sherée, for sharing your talent and spirit with myself and with the world.  - An Appreciative Listener

Singing from the Heart
I smile because I know Sherée and she brings so much life into her music.  She is a very fun, loving, and caring individual. She is truly singing from the heart.  She is a woman with a heart of gold and I am proud of her accomplishments.  Please watch the video; it is beautiful.  -   Cami, Logansport, Indiana

Impressive Website
Sherée!!  Your website is impressive. Seems like all you do in life is done well.  You're one in a million and bring joy to all you come in contact with!!  - Ritch of 'R' Salon 

A Joyful Song of Praise
I was truly amazed. As I listened to each track, the Spirit touched me in very real and deep ways. There's a spirit behind and within each song that will touch the heart.  Enjoy the experience!  **PEACE 'n BE WILD** - Jacosta, St. Louis, MO


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