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Here's what listeners are saying about What Matters Most.

Heartwarming Songs
A wonderful choice of songs sung in a truly heartwarming way. The selection of songs on this CD and the beautiful way that Sherée sings them is incredible. As I listen, I can honestly say that both my heart and soul are touched in a very wonderful way. Thank you, Sherée, for sharing your talent and spirit with myself and with the world.  - An Appreciative Listener

Singing from the Heart
I smile because I know Sherée and she brings so much life into her music.  She is a very fun, loving, and caring individual. She is truly singing from the heart.  She is a woman with a heart of gold and I am proud of her accomplishments.  Please watch the video; it is beautiful.  -   Cami, Logansport, Indiana

Impressive Website
Sherée!!  Your website is impressive. Seems like all you do in life is done well.  You're one in a million and bring joy to all you come in contact with!!  - Ritch of 'R' Salon 

A Joyful Song of Praise
I was truly amazed. As I listened to each track, the Spirit touched me in very real and deep ways. There's a spirit behind and within each song that will touch the heart.  Enjoy the experience!  **PEACE 'n BE WILD** - Jacosta, St. Louis, MO


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